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18-Year-Old Jaylen Smith Elected Mayor In U.S.A



An 18-year-old university student is the incoming mayor of Earle, a small town in the northeast of the U.S. state of Arkansas.

Jaylen Smith, was elected mayor, winning 235 votes to Nemi Matthews’ 183, according to complete but unofficial results.

U.S. media outlets reported Jaylen Smith a university student who graduated from Earle High School in May won a runoff election on Tuesday to become the mayor of Earle.

He told KATV that his involvement with the school’s student government inspired him to run for office, while admitting that his age made it difficult for some voters to take him seriously.

Smith campaigned on improving public safety and bringing new businesses, including a grocery store, to the city of about 1,800 people 25 miles (40 kilometers) northwest of Memphis, Tennessee.

At 18years he’s among the youngest mayors elected in the United States and would be the youngest member of the African American Mayors Association.

Smith is set to be sworn in on New Year’s Day, and serve a four-year term.

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