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Anti Corruption Agencies Called On To Investigate Application Of All Funds Given To Benue State From 2015-Date



Relevant anti corruption agencies in Nigeria have been called upon to thoroughly investigate the application of all funds given to Benue state by the Federal government from 2015 to date.

The call was made by the minister of special duties, Senator George Akume at a press conference organized by the elders/stakeholders of the All Progressive Congress, APC, on Monday in Abuja.

Speaking Senator Akume said Benue has received about five hundred billion naira as statutory allocation to the local and state governments since assumption of office to date, the state also got forty billion naira bail out funds to enable the payment of outstanding salaries, pensions and allowances.

“Other funds gotten by the state include twenty eight billion naira as Paris club refund and an extra ten billion naira to enable the governor provide infrastructure in the state”, all monies which have been mismanaged, outrightly diverted or misapplied with nothing on ground to show through infrastructural development or payment of salaries and allowances, said sen Akume.

Sen Akume also used the occasion to call for disbandment of the livestock guard over their criminal activities to the breach of peace and massacre of innocent citizens of the state while calling on the federal government to thoroughly comb the state so as to recover all small arms and light weapons currently in possession of private individuals who had no reason to have them.

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