Mon. Sep 20th, 2021

British Man Leaves N112.9m for Hotel Worker After Rewriting His Will

A young Turkish man, Taskin Dasdan, has had his life changed for the better after he met a stranger called Charles Gorge Courtney.

Charles every year always stayed at the Korumar Hotel De Luxe and that was how the two met. Taskin is a bellboy at the hotel, Daily Mail reports.

The fortune was big enough to settle his needs for life.
His family was surprised When the British hotel guest died this year, his family was surprised that a major part of his fortune was willed to the Turkish hotel worker and some parts to other hotel staff members.

While speaking to the media, the Turkish man said that Gorge treated them like family and even helped greatly with the education of his children.It should be noted that Taskin has been working at the hotel since 1990 and had known the wealthy man for years.

He revealed that the British guest always lodged at the hotel every year, adding that Charles was a very generous man. Though the amount he left for the Turkish man was not revealed, it was gathered that the fortune is big enough to take care of all Taskin’s needs without him having to work again in his life. Another report, however, pegged the sum at £200,000 (N112,911,260).

When the British man was alive, he was fond of staying in room 401 that it had to be named the ‘Charlie’s Room”.

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