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Death toll of COVID-19 in Africa hits 466 as cases rise to 9,600 – WHO



The World Health Organisation (WHO) Regional Office for Africa says there are 9, 600 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the continent with 466 deaths.

The update was issued on its official twitter account @WHOAFRO on Tuesday.

“There are over 9,600 cumulative cases reported in 52 countries on the African continent. Sao Tome and Principe confirmed its first four positive cases over the past 24 hours,” it said.

South Africa, Algeria, and Cameroon have continued to top the list of countries with the highest reported cases.

South Africa has 1,686 cases and 12 deaths, Algeria 1,423 cases with 173 deaths, while Cameroon has 650 confirmed cases with nine deaths.

The country with the lowest confirmed case is South Sudan which has reported only one case reported on Sunday, making it the 51st of Africa’s 54 countries to have the disease.

The second-lowest confirmed case of COVID-19 in Africa is Burundi with three confirmed cases.

Three countries of Gambia, Malawi and Sao Tome have confirmed four cases each.

The WHO added that six new cases of COVID-19 had been reported in Nigeria as at 9:30 p.m. on April 6 with two in Kwara, two in Edo, one in Rivers and one in the FCT.

Africa’s most populous nation now has over 230 cases with five deaths.


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