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EF Network Supports Security Agencies For Effective Crime Fighting In Nigeria Through Efphonetaxi App – CEO Egbuchulam



Nigerians have been enjoined to contribute towards the effectiveness of the country’s security agencies in making it safer.

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, E.F. Network, Gideon Egbuchulam, stated this while briefing journalists in Abuja.

Mr Gideon Egbuchulam said the recent launch of a security solution, efphonetaxi, by the company was parts of their contributions to the Nigeria’s security evolvement in embracing ICT for crimes fighting.

Mr Gideon Egbuchulam

Mr Egbuchulam speaking said “E F Network have developed the efphonetaxi to assist in crime fighting by the security agencies in Nigeria,” since “We cannot all be security officers to make a difference in enhancing the country’s security apparatus”.

Advising Nigerians to embrace the use of the new technology-efphonetaxi to curtail the soaring level of phone related crimes and kidnapping as adapted by countries in similar situation through the use of ICT and asymmetric approach for crime fighting.

The Chairman said, “Efphonetaxi will reduce the number of phone related crimes, as the solution has anti-kidnapping tool which will help Nigeria security agencies respond faster to crimes.”

The app gives precise location of the person in possession of the phone and renders a stolen phone useless when remotely locked or even facilitates the arrest of the thief.

Another beauty of the app is that the icon on the phone can be hidden where the thief won’t even know it is installed and codes or PIN only known to the owner is used to operate the phone remotely.

In the event the owner was harmed, the pictures of the thief taken remotely by the owner or relative with the phone owner’s PIN can be helpful to law enforcement agencies.

The company advised the phone owners to share their access code with trusted friend or family member who can assist perform the remote commands functions in the event the owner of the phone is unable to do so due to the phone being lost, stolen or owner kidnapped.

The company, E.F. Network further advised any one requiring further explanation or assistance to contacts it’s customer service at 08091113333 or visit for more details.