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House of representatives move to separate AGF from Ministry of Justice



A bill to separate the office of the Attorney General of the Federation and the Ministry of Justice have been passed.

 The bill sponsored by a former attorney general and commissioner of of justice in Borno state, Mohammed Tahir said too much power was vested on the offices to be assigned to just one person serving as both AGF and minister of justice.

The bill sponsored by the chip whip of the House, Mohammed Tahir, said the separation will remove political interference in the operations of the AGF.

The bill which has already passed second reading will ensure that the president will be free to politically consider appointing a minister of justice. However, the appointment of the attorney general will be career-based.

 Speaking at the plenary, Tahir, said too much power was vested on the offices to be assigned to just one person. He also said that the AGF’s powers are constitutionally judicial in nature and should not be subjected to political interference at the detriment of the rights of the people.

According to him, he said the AGF has the right to declare a case non-prosecutable or even discontinue a matter already in court.

In his contribution, Ossai Nicholas said the bill was first passed by the 7th and 8th Assembly as it is clear one office should not be saddled with so much power. Following the contribution, the House further referred to the Committee on Legislative Matters for legislative action on the bill.

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