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If You Are Successful And Wealthy, Avoid Your School Alumni WhatsApp Forum – Reno Omokri



Reno Omokri has advised successful people to avoid their schools’ alumni WhatsApp groups.

According to him, this could lead to hate from other classmates who might not be that successful. Expantiating on his advice, Reno wrote;

”If you are successful and wealthy, avoid your school alumni WhatsApp forum. Too often, you may attract unnecessary hatred from schoolmates who never had your time in school, yet now believe that their poverty is your responsibility to fix, and your refusal to fix their poverty is a show of hatred towards them. Daily Prayers

They will devote more time to pulling you down than in pulling themselves up. Due to their emotional connection to your youth, you may end up getting distracted. So, to avoid stories that touch, just jejely face your front before you are drawn to engage in iberiberism!”


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