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Kim Jong Un ‘ runs away from country’s capital to escape coronavirus’



Source in South Korea has claimed Kim Jong Un fled to the coastal city WonsanIt said Supreme Leader has been away from Pyongyang for a ‘considerable time’Comes amid reports around 180 soldiers have died after contracting COVID-19.

A source in South Korea said the Supreme Leader fled Pyongyang for Wonsan on the nation’s east coast amid growing fears over the virus.

‘Intelligence analysis suggests that Kim Jong-un has been away from Pyongyang for a considerable time,’ the source told Chosun Ilbo. ‘This appears to be connected with the coronavirus outbreak.’ 

It comes amid reports that roughly 180 soldiers have died after contracting COVID-19 in the secretive state. 

A source in the North’s military leaked the apparent death toll to South Korea’s Daily NK newspaper and claimed most of the deaths had occurred close to the border with China. 

A further 3,700 soldiers were under quarantine after testing positive for the virus, it was added.  

Pyongyang continues to deny COVID-19 has any presence within its borders. 

The regime is also developing a ‘broad-spectrum antiviral injection which is highly effective in treatment of various diseases’, according to a report from Monday which didn’t name the virus. 

The nation’s neighbour South Korea has seen one of the world’s most significant outbreaks of the virus, with 66 reported deaths amid 7,800 infections.

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