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Leech removed from inside man’s penis after it crawls in, drinks pint of blood(Graphic photos)



An elderly man in Cambodia was left in agony after a leech entered into his body through his penis and drank a pint of blood from his internal organs.

The patient went for a dip without any clothes to cool off in a pond when the invertebrate slithered up his penis but was left in severe pain after he tried to use the toilet in his home near Phnom Penh.

Medics at a hospital used a tiny camera and found the blood-sucking creature had made its way up his urethra into his bladder while scans showed that the parasite had already wounded parts of the man’s internal organs with its sharp teeth.

Medics then used another tool called a bipolar resectoscope to kill the leech before extracting it.

The removal process was complicated by the fact that the leech has swollen in size after taking more 500ml of blood it had sucked from the man

The man stayed overnight in hospital where his condition was monitored and he was discharged the next day.

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