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Man with 33 Children From Multiple Baby Mamas Spark Reactions After Showing Them off On Social Media (Photos)



Demond George has sent social media agog after showing off his 33 children.

In a Facebook post on Monday, May 23, Desmond shared photos of his kids all rocking matching black polos that has the words, ‘The LEGACY’ written in front. He described his feat as legendary.

The father a black man had the kids with different baby mamas. In the post, Demond said ‘the legacy will live forever’ as he highlighted the names of some individuals that made their massive photoshoot possible.

He however revealed that 9 of the kids weren’t part of the shoot. The post which went viral saw him heavily criticised.

Responding to his critics in a new video, Demond clapped back at them that he is not weak. “I aint weak. I just don’t pull out. I don’t pull out,” he said.
See his post below:

Netizens criticise him Cabbage Patch said: “Beautiful family I salute you. You can have 30+ more . Continue to show and give them love attention time and remain financially stable for your blessings Demond George I’m a mother of 7!! Children are a blessing.”

Alisha Willis said: “This is some slow looking ahh sh!t the fact that this man was out here busting all these nuts back to back is mind blowing.”

Carrie Gareave said: “The government needs to get their money back. He intentionally made broken homes, causing the government to have to take care of his kids. This is wrong on so many levels. And shame on the grandma for being part of this coonery.”

Shayla Victoria said: “This is terrible and embarrassing. This is not the definition of a legacy. This is generational trauma. Lawd hammercy. Those poor babies. The emotional and mental stability 1 child requires. Whew it’s the moms fault too. Probably didn’t marry any of them. Just out here raw dogging. Disgusting.”

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