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Nigerian engineers produces prototype ventilator to help treat COVID-19( Photo)



Nigerians are showing the stuff they are made of by rising up against Covid-19 pandemic in their own various ways.

A team of professionals has risen up to the challenge of ventilator scarcity.

According to Vanguard, the team was able to create a prototypical ventilator in a week. The head of the team and the managing director of Lange and Grant Commodities Limited, Tunde Okoya, said it was in their response to the government’s call challenging local manufacturers to find a lasting solution to the situation of ventilator shortage.

Okoya said the company has always been motivated to save lives and that’s what was behind the speed that went into creating the breathing machine.

The MD of the team of engineers said that mass production is the least problem, that once the prototype is okay, they could produce as much as 300 ventilators in a week. In his final words, he said the team of engineers is glad to make the nation proud with their skill.

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