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By DIGC  19 April 2020  

Go to God at the place of prayer and ask Him, ‘Who am I? Why am I? What is the implication of life to my generation?

SCRIPTURE: And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. Habakkuk 2:2.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: It is not humility not to know who you are.

It has been confirmed that the lack of vision is the limitation of life and destiny. The lack of vision is the enemy of distinction in life. You cannot have a solid destiny if you lack vision.

Examples abound in the scripture of people who lacked vision and lost out in destiny. Esau was one of them. Esau had no vision for his future. He attached no significance to his birthright. He discarded his birthright because of a plate of food (Genesis 25:31-34); and he became nothing in life. The generations of Esau are nobody today; the Edomites are not significantly identified on the earth today because their forefather sold their future. Esau sold the future of his children.

Beloved, I decree the reversal of any negative ancestral transaction in your lineage by the Blood of Jesus Christ. You will fulfil your days in Jesus’ Name.

Samson was another person who lacked the vision for his destiny. The challenge with Samson was that he did not understand who he was. His mother was forbidden from taking fermented drink or touching anything that was unclean (Judges 13: 7) while she was carrying him in her womb. The kind of anointing he carried prepared his mother before his birth, yet when he was born, he behaved like a blind man. He obviously wasn’t aware of who he was.

Beloved, it is not humility not to know who you are. Samson did not know who he was. He did not understand the significance of his existence or the implication of his life. He was not aware of the consecration that brought him forth. So, he squandered his destiny in a hurry.

What is my counsel to you?

Go to God at the place of prayer and ask Him, ‘Who am I? Why am I? What is the implication of life to my generation? What is the meaning of my life to my family? What is the meaning of my life to the church where I worship or the department where I function?’

Remember this: It is not humility not to know who you are.


1. Ask God to show you who you are.

2. Make up your mind to fulfil your mandate on earth.

PRAYER: O Lord, I ask for the revelation of the implication of my existence. I receive the grace to fulfil my destiny, Lord, in Jesus Name.


QUOTE: You cannot kill a man today who sees tomorrow. You cannot finish a man today who is seeing tomorrow. You cannot bury him in the immediate, if he is focused on the ultimate. Culled from “15 KINGDOM STRATEGIES FOR SURVIVAL” by Dr Paul Enenche.

AMAZING FACT: Eagles have been used in the Police and the army several times, and in The Netherlands, eagles were trained to help control drones.

DAILY READING: Nehemiah 6-8

PROPHETIC WORD: May you walk in the full realisation of the implication of your destiny in the land of the living in Jesus’ Name.

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