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DATE: Thursday 30th December, 2021

Devotional Guide Written By Dr. Paul Enenche.


SCRIPTURE: Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.
1 Peter 1:5

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: When you are equipped with power, you are guaranteed safety.

The power of God is a keeper of men; it is a preserver of life and destiny. We are held together, kept alive and kept in charge by the power of God

The knowledge of this truth is very important because we live in a world that is increasingly dangerous.
We live in days where human beings have become more heartless than you can ever imagine. Some people are more beastly than animals because even animals at times can be entreated. So, we need the power to be kept alive, and the power of God is a keeper. God’s power is the tool for the preservation of the lives and destinies of God’s people.

When you are equipped with power, you are guaranteed safety. The bankruptcy of power can lead to vulnerability in life; Where power is in short supply, a person can be easily vulnerable to the wickedness of the Wicked.

Moses would have died before his time if not for the power of God. He was one man who carried power; he was a symbol of God’s power so he could not be wasted by the devil. Pharoah , the terrible was after Moses and Moses, after encountering the power of God, returned to face the same Pharoah.
He manhandled Pharaoh until Pharoah was buried in the Red Sea (Exodus 10:7; Exodus 14: 1-28). That is, Moses became a terroriser of a terrorist (Pharoah) by power

Beloved if you want your life to become a terror to the kingdom of darkness, what you need is power

Remember this: When you are equipped with power you are guaranteed safety


  1. Believe that you cannot be wasted by the enemy
  2. As a child of God, make use of the power you have against the enemy.
  3. Spend quality time with God at the place of prayer and worship.


QUOTE: Prayer is a major secret of power. That is why men and women of prayer are also men and women of power

PROPHETIC DECLARATIONS/WORD: Every Pharaoh of your life be buried in the Red Sea, In Jesus’ Name.

REFLECTION: The power of God is never a luxury, but a critical necessity for our very existence. Life is at risk where power is lacking

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