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SS1 Student Dies Stopping Female Suicide Bomber




Yakubu Fanami, a teenager bubbling with life and hope for a better tomorrow. He was an SS1 student in Kaleri Maiduguri, Borno State. On Friday, he sacrificed his life to save hundreds of others who would by now have become history,

No thanks to a female suicide bomber who had wanted to blow them up while at Jumaat. He saw the danger and did everything he could to prevent the bomber from gaining access to the mosque. She detonated and blew herself up with him. But other worshippers were saved.

Yakubu Fanami, you are a hero. You saw evil and stood against it. But for this, I and many others might never have heard of you! Your life was cut short but it was meaningful. If only for the sake of silent martyrs, heroes like you, Nigeria will be great.

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