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Strange eye-less creature with dolphin-like head found on beach in Mexico (Photos)



An odd creature with dolphin-like head, sharp fanged teeth and a long snake-like tail has washed up on a beach.

Shocked locals found the mysterious animal on the Destiladeras beach on the Pacific coast of Mexico, but no-one has been able to identify it.

According to local reports, the animal does not have eyes, prompting some to predict that it may well have come from deep in the Pacific Ocean where no light penetrates and eyes are not needed, the animal was photographed after it had already been found by people walking on the beach, who initially thought it was a dead dolphin.

It was only when they got closer, they realised it was something entirely different.

None of the fishermen interviewed by local media could remember ever seeing anything like it previously.

However, they mentioned that in Puerto Vallarta there is a marine area which is more than thousand meters deep and speculated that this could have been the strange creature’s home.

Local media confirmed that nobody had been able to identify the strange animal, but there were also no reports in the media suggesting that it was a fake.


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