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Uganda Fears Alcohol Abuse Among Students As It Could Be Disguised As Hand Sanitizer



Ugandan education officials have warned of alcohol abuse among students in disguise of hand sanitizers.

The commissioner directorate of education-standards, Benson Kule who made the disclosure said, schools should ensure there’s water and soap at different sites as some students if allowed to carry hand sanitizers, could use the opportunity to bring alcohol to school.

Kule advised Parents not to pack hand sanitizers for their children returning to school, fearing that it could result in alcohol use.

He said, teachers can use hand sanitizers and not learners because learners are young people and should be protected.

Final year students in primary and secondary schools will resume learning on Thursday- six months after the country imposed a lockdown to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The government says it will monitor the performance of the phased reopening before other classes are allowed to resume.

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